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Artists in Residence


Our extended stay specials for creative minds!
A break from the city... new inspiration & pure relaxation...

Artists special on request!


by Matthias Horx

“Haus Hirt and its youngest offspring, Miramonte, are not hotels in the normal sense. They are hideaways...enclaves where you´ll find like-minded creative people you can share your ideas with....a retreat for people in search of inspiration. These hideaways are footholds for the future, places where we can all come back to ourselves a little more.”

This is how the perfect winter looks at Miramonte. And this year´s winter is already here, waiting outside our door....

The Miramonte Phenomenon by Markus Miessen



Hotel Miramonte_beim Wandern vom Alltagsstreß abschalten_Bad Gastein
Hotel Miramonte_beim Wandern vom Alltagsstreß abschalten_Bad Gastein

"A place to linger for a while is a valuable luxury nowadays. Bad Gastein and the MIRAMONTE is the perfect place to write - to think – to walk - to sleep – to be. Always perfect, especially for its peace & quietness.."

(Telse Bus)