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Hotel Miramonte_Spa_Steine_Naturkosmetik-trad. chinesische Medizin

Traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medicines in the world and it has a century-long experience. Due to increasing interest on the part of patients and minimal side effect rates, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has become more popular in Europe in recent years. It has proved itself as a valuable supplementary therapy, especially in chronic diseases, nervous disorders and stress management. TCM can also be used as preventive medicine.

From the Chinese point of view, energy (Qi) and blood flow blockages often lead to nervous disorders or diseases in the body. With acupuncture, cupping, special massage techniques (Tui Na) and moxibustion, the disorders in the body are individually treated to obtain the best possible success. The therapy requires taking a medical history and diagnosis involving pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Other indications are wide-ranging:

TCM can be used in many chronic diseases, but also very successfully for stress-related nervous disorders and depression, burnout symptoms, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Implementation of the TCM by Dr. Mrs. Liane Weber:

Medical studies from 1986-1992 in Berlin, Germany, training in Internal Medicine at various hospitals in Germany and England, TCM and Tui na training from 1998 - 2000 by Dr. Mrs. Skopek in Salzburg, TCM and acupuncture training from 2000 - 2001 by Dr. Baier at TCM Academy in Vienna, thereafter 3-years study of TCM, acupuncture and Chinese pharmacology at Yo San University in Los Angeles, USA.

Qigong and Taiji training with Mr. Lie F. Tojeng (Virtual learning (Kolibri) seminars - official Chinese trainer in China), with Shaolin monks (from the Shaolin monastery in Hungary, Sifu Dr. Robert Lyons) and a study visit to China for 4 weeks in 2000.

The treatment is very comprehensive and includes a discussion with recommendations on diet and lifestyle depending on the individual body condition.

The nature of the therapy is a combination of a very relaxing Tui na massage and acupuncture, Tui na (possibly used in conjunction with moxibustion, cupping or laser therapy, depending on the requirements). After treatment Individual recommendations on diet and lifestyle of the body condition follow.


90 minutes treatment:
Tui na massage (whole body)
with acupuncture


25 minutes of patient's history
followed by discussion

€ 25

90 minutes of subsequent treatments


60 minutes treatment:
Tui na massage (Back & Head)
with acupuncture

€ 78

25 minutes of patient's history
followed by discussion

€ 25

60 minutes of subsequent treatments

€ 75

The special feature of TCM is that it is a holistic medicine. Not only symptoms are treated, but the physical and mental condition of the patient is examined and treated.
The focus points of this medicine are finding out the causes of the disturbances and individual treatment strategies and recommendations. In addition, nutritional, climatic and emotional influences are considered...