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Dogs @Hotel Miramonte

DOGS are welcome

It´s nice that you´ve picked up our trail. Just to get straight to the point: we are not a hotel for dogs. But we like them! In our close circle of friends, there are many who feel at ease at Miramonte in bringing their four-legged friends.
On the one hand it has to do with the particular atmosphere and extravagant style of the hotel. On the other, this amazing place at our very doorstep.

We have special tables reserved in the restaurant, at or under them, since (wo)man´s best friend is always sincerely welcome at dinner. If you have any particular wishes as to dog food, dog sitting or the like, just ask. We will try to fulfill them! 

Notice to all the other guests: You can be sure that we are joining every effort so that dogs won't bother our guests.

... Das Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein ist ein schönes Architekturprojekt, dem man beim Wachsen zusehen darf, ein Designhotel mit Persönlichkeit. Und das klingt in diesen Zeiten doch schon fast wie ein Widerspruch in sich selbst ...

(Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin)

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