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"Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness,
Yoga shows the way "
Swami Vishnudevananda

Our yoga services at a glance:
_Daily open yoga class
_Private yoga lessons
_Special Yoga retreats
_Attractive Yoga Packages

The Hotel Miramonte offers a diverse yoga program in a fantastic alpine scenery, tailored to your needs. Do you want to just try yoga? Or look for a place where you do not have to give up a good yoga offer in mountain vacation? Or maybe you want to continue to develop your yoga practice specifically?

No matter with what purpose you come to us, our experienced and well-trained yoga teacher team will accompany you on your way!

More information on our Yoga teachers:
_Jivamukti Yoga Andrea Varekova
_Yoga With Bernard
_Yoga With Bruni

Hotel Miramonte_Yoga Kurse_Bad Gastein
Hotel Miramonte_Yoga Kurse_Bad Gastein

...Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice. Its aim is to bring mind, body and spirit into balance through the use of physical & mental exercises. While the mental and physical aspects of yoga are practiced together in India, the focus in Western Europe and North America is more on the physical side. This direction, also called modern yoga, developed into a real trend during the middle of the 20th century...