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Conditions Report

Each day in the grounds should be well prepared. This includes not only the technical skills, physical fitness and training in avalanche awareness course planning in relation to the conditions in the backcountry.

On this page you will find some useful links to inform you specifically about the area around the Miramonte.

Avalanche Report
No one should go on a freeride trip without the current avalanche situation. Learn about the snowpack, particularly vulnerable slope aspects, Diurnal evolution etc. the annual reports of Salzburg:

In addition you will find the current Avalanche Report every morning at the reception.

We are located close to the border to Carinthia. So if you make a tour to the south of Sport Gastein you should also include the management report of Carinthia in the assessment of the situation there!

Weather forecast

Snow forecast
Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy. Well, the pleasure in deep snow itself is probably hard to beat, but the view of the forecast maps has triggered emotional elation already with some of us. The side is probably the best known and is at least in the 1-2 day forecast often very close to the actual amounts of snow. In addition, you get a prediction of other important factors for planning, such as wind speeds, zero - degree mark and much more.

… passeggerete piacevolmente sui 60km di sentieri innevati godendovi icaldi raggi del sole d’inverno...